All delivery prices quoted below include:

  • Packaging in specially designed boxes for wine transportation.
  • Insurance against loss or damage.
  • Spanish IVA  - Value Added Tax - , for those countries where it applies or unless otherwise specified.

Free shipping on purchases over 120€ iva incl. within mailand Spain only.

Mainland Spain

Tarragona City - Transport is free (from orders over 25€)  delivery approx. in 24 - 48 hours.

Tarragona Province - Flat Rate: 5,50€ IVA Incl.  Delivery approx. in 24/48 hours.

Rest of Mainland: Delivery approx. in 24/72 hours once the order has been confirmed.

Bottles (approx.)Weight kg.Price IVA Incl.
1-3 bots 0-5 kg 6.80 €
4-6 bots 5-10 kg 7.90 €
7-12 bots 10-20 kg 10.95 €
13-18 bots 20-30 kg 14.95€
19-24 bots 30-40 kg 18.95 €
25-30 bots 40-50 kg CONSULT
31-36 bots 50-60 kg CONSULT
37-42 bots 60-70 kg CONSULT
43-48 bots 70-80 kg CONSULT
49-54 bots 80-90 kg CONSULT
For bigger amounts CONSULT

Balearic Islands

Delivery time  within 3 - 5 working days.

Bottles (approx.)Weight kg.Price IVA Incl.
1-6 bots 0-10 kg 12.00 €
7-12 bots 10-20 kg 14.90 €
13-18 bots 20-30 kg 17.90 €
19-24 bots 30-40 kg 21.65 €
25-30 bots 40-50 kg CONSULT
Bigger amounts CONSULT

Other Countries

Shipping times approx. within 3 - 7 working days.

Pais0-10 kg
(0-6 bot)
10-20 kg
(7-12 bot)
20-30 kg
(13-18 bot)
30-40 kg
(19-24 bot)
Austria 22.80€ 29.50 34.80 € 39.90 € CONSULT
Belgium 20.90 € 24.95 € 35.90 € 44.90 € CONSULT
Bulgaria 30.95 € 40.95 € 52.90 € 79.50 € CONSULT
Croatia 28.90€ 32.90 € 38.90€ 65.80 € CONSULT
Denmark 29.90€ 31.90 € 36.50 € 74.90 € CONSULT
Estonia 30.95 € 40.95 € 52.90 € 84.90 € CONSULT
Finland 38.70 € 54.70 € 69.50 € 84.90 € CONSULT
France 20.90 € 25.95 € 39.95 € 48.90 € CONSULT
Germany 18.95€ 23.95 € 29.90 € 34.90 € CONSULT
Holland 21.90 € 26.95 € 35.90 € 44.90 € CONSULT
Hungary 31.90 € 37.90€ 41.90 € 74.50 € CONSULT
Ireland 29.95 € 39.95 € 52.90 € 84.90 € CONSULT
Italia 22.80 € 29.80 € 35.70 € 39.90 € CONSULT
Latvia 30.95 € 40.95 € 52.90 € 84.90 € CONSULT
Lithuania 30.95 € 40.95 € 52.90 € 84.90 € CONSULT
Luxembourg 20.90 € 25.95 € 31.90 € 36.90 € CONSULT
Poland 28.90 € 31.90 € 38.90 € 65.80 € CONSULT
Portugal 10.85 € 13.75 € 19.75 € 23.95 € CONSULT
Czech Republic 29.90 € 37.90 € 43.50 € 74.50 € CONSULT
Slovakia 29.90 € 37.90 € 46.50 € 84.90 € CONSULT
Slovenia 29.90 € 37.90 € 46.50 € 84.90 € CONSULT
Sweden 34.90 € 54.90 € 69.90 € 84.90 € CONSULT
Romania 28.90 € 32.90 € 38.90 € 65.80 € CONSULT
USA**             115.00 €    196.00 €     

310.00 €  

    390.00 €  CONTACT


**Shipping to USA:

Please contact us via mail to organize shipment.

Door to Door Service - Transit Time: 3/4 weeks - Duty/Taxes included -    


Special Conditions: 

Excluded: AL-Alabama, KY-Kentucky, MS-Mississippi, UT-Utah, VT-Vermont, AK-Alaska, CT-Connecticut, NH-New Hampshire, VA-Virgina, WV-West Virginia.

Extra cost :HW-Hawaii, PR-Puerto Rico, 50 € per box.

*** The service to the United Kingdom is temporarily deactivated, until the new adaptation to the regulations as a result of BREXIT.

For large volume orders of over 50 bottles, it will be possible to ship with a palletised service. Ask us for a quote.

For Switzerland, Andorra, Canarias, Ceuta, Madeira and Azorea, the prices will not include local taxes and import duties, which will be liable by the receiver of the goods on arrival and for payment in the country of destination.

Weight Calcualtion:

To calculate the weight, you should take into consideration the type of wines added to yöur shopping basket: to follow, we give you an idea on the different type of bottles and its approximately weights.

  • Standard wine bottle (75 cl.): 1.50 kg.
  • Standard Sparkling bottle (75 cl.): 1.75 kg.
  • Magnum (150 cl): 3 Kg.

To help avoid any delays or incidents when processing and  shipping your order, please ensure your form is filled out completely and correctly. It is recommended to facilitate a mobile telephone number when possible,  we recommend that you take note of the dispatch confirmation e mails received by the courier which will give you up to date information and will offer options to amend your delivery  through the tracking links provided, sometimes these mails could end in your spam box, so we recommend that you check the same.

If you are a Company outside Spain and you wish to place an order for your company, you will be invoiced without taxes, saving on the current local tax of 21%. In order to issue you with tax exemption, we will need from your company a validated VIES/ROE number. to verify that the number exists and is accepted, you can check through the link of the European Commission, just enter your company's tax number and in the request member state field, enter our tax number: B43800036 and select Spain


Delivery Time

The estimated delivery time for Mainland Spain is 24 to 72 hours. All the deliveries to the Balearic Island and other European Countries have an estimated delivery time between 5 - 8 working days. Delivery time is considered from the time the item leaves our shop to when it arrives at your door. We will process your order on the same day of request, for all those orders submitted and confirmed before 12:00 hrs (our time), always that the products requested are in stock and available. For those orders submitted on Saturdays, Sundays, National or Local holidays, the order will be processed the following working day. Please remember, that those orders paid by bank Transfer, will not be processed until the payment has reached us or has been confirmed.

You will receive a dispatch confirmation e mail by the courier or/and ourselves.

If you wish, you can also pickup your order from our Shop to avoid any shipping charges.

VINOVI cannot be held responsible for any delay that might have occurred in the delivery beyond our control.

No shipments are made to P.O. Boxes.

We do daily personalized follow-up of all shipments daily and we notify and manage any incident that might occurred.

Shopping times:

The on-line Shop operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Should you need to contact us by phone, you could do so: from Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 21:00 hrs local time.   mail:

Returns and Refunds

You may cancel your order, in whole or in part,  for any reason whatsoever at any time up to 14 working days from de day you receive your wine, providing all the bottles are unopened, intact and returned to us in its original undamaged packaging. The total amount of purchased items returned and the equivalent cost of transportation will be refunded. The return shipping costs will be at the customer's expense.

To exercise the right to return, the following requirements must be considered:

  • The product must not have been opened or mishandled.
  • It must keep the original appearance.
  • It must be returned in its original packaging or any other which guarantees the safe shipment of the same.
  • All goods should be returned to:
  • VinoVi Vinoteca
  • Plaza Verdaguer, 6
  • 43003 Tarragona SPAIN


Upon receipt of the goods subject to refund and once verified their correct condition, VinoVi will refund the customer, without delay, the corresponding amount paid for those goods. including the original transport

If when you receive your purchase, detect or suspect that the package is not in order, some or all of the bottles of wine in a case are broken or spoiled when they are delivered, please do not accept the package and notify us as soon as possible to initiate the incident for a refund or an exchange. Should you decide to accept the package as the damage visible is small, please state it when signing for the package, then take photos of the package and the bottles damaged and contact us during the next 24 hours, in order to proceed the claim with the transport company and we will replace or refund for the bottles damaged.

We will also provide a full refund or a replacement for any wines that are faulty or from any incorrect order from our side shipped to you, and in that case we will assume all the transport charges for its return, we will organice collection of the products at your address within a period of time of 30 days from the time of purchase.  For this, we will require, that those bottles which have been found faulty by the customer, to be returned to us, at least 75% full, closed with its original cork and returned in its original packaging or any other which guarantees the safe shipment of the returned bottles, in order for us to send it to the Bodega to evaluate and confirm the damage, in that case VinoVi will send a replacement or will refund the money.


We guarantee that the wines will be of satisfactory quality and fit for their general purpose.